When it comes to various types of landscaping, people typically differentiate them based on the type of property. Residential landscaping is by far the most common, and what you see all the time with local mom and pops mowing lawns around your neighborhood. This type of landscaping is centered around property maintenance, keeping grass cut, and planting beds in order. There might be the occasional enhancement, especially on luxury properties, but for the most part, it will be tame compared to its counterpart. Commercial landscaping is driven by profit, which heightens the stakes, and means every detail matters. This is everything you need to know about commercial landscaping.

What You Need To Know About Commercial Landscaping

Types of Commercial Properties

The first thing you need to know about commercial landscaping is the type of properties that fit into this category. They can be wide-ranging – with the typical constraints being that the property must possess a landscape, and be anything but a residential home. Some common examples include office parks, apartment complexes, medical facilities, senior living facilities, and retail centers. These business models rely on driving in new customers or retaining existing tenants. Each of these properties is competing with other properties of the same type for these individuals, which brings us to our next section.

Every Detail Matters: Maintenance Services

An important facet of commercial landscaping is the competition between properties for business. The quality of the landscape is a determining factor in these decisions, as you can imagine that a property with dead turf might be less appealing than one with lush grass and pretty flowers. With that being said, commercial properties need to ensure that every detail of their landscape is maintained. This means that lawn maintenance, plant bed maintenance, shrub and tree care, irrigation, and even hardscape maintenance must all be taken care of. These are only a few of the many maintenances needs a commercial property might have, but they are all necessary to beat the market.

Professional Help is Required

Another important distinction to make between residential and commercial landscaping is the ability to DIY. Any old homeowner might be able to mow their lawn and feed their plants, but a commercial property is too much for any one person to take care of. This is where commercial landscaping companies come in, offering the commercial-grade equipment and staffing to get the job done. For many of these maintenance activities, like tree care and snow removal, they cannot be done effectively without the right equipment and experience. The latter is key, as a team like ours at ERG has the experience required to point you in the right direction when it comes to beating out the competition. 

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