No matter the size of your landscape, it needs nutrients. These are the chemical compounds that stimulate the growth processes within your plant material each and every day. Even we humans need a fair amount of nutrients and must eat and drink to satisfy those needs. It is the latter we will discuss today, as water is one of the most important nutrients. While watering your lawn by hand might be an old habit, the technology of modern irrigation systems is now far superior. Optimizing the amount of water consumed by your commercial property using real-time weather data and automation, these systems save property managers both time and money. However, they can get wonky from time to time and must be inspected and maintained. Here are the top signs that you are in need of irrigation repair.

(Irrigation Repair) commercial sprinkler system

Broken Components

Beginning with the most obvious sign your system is in need of repair, your irrigation system is composed of many different parts. Controllers, control valves, sprinkler heads, and even piping can actually go bad, usually because of some damage sustained due to outside forces. The general solution to this issue is to let your irrigation specialists at ERG know so we can inspect the issue and diagnose it. The quicker the better!

Leaky Sprinklers or Valves

One of these most common component issues is when sprinkler heads or valves begin to leak. Debris can invade the system and cause cracking or errant spraying which wastes the resource you are trying to conserve. Any of these problems could also result in certain areas of your turf being more or less watered.

Turf Spots: Dry and Soaked

In terms of symptoms outside of the system itself observing your turf can reveal that particular areas are being watered much more or much less. If an area begins to brown due to a lack of moisture, it may be stressed due to drought-like conditions. Conversely, an area of your lawn that is easily trampled and soaked is also easily damaged. This could be the result of overwatering in that area, which is very common – again wasting money. This is an indicator to have your system inspected.

Water Pressure Problems

Another easy way to spot an issue in your irrigation system is if water pressure is too high or too low. Water could be blasting out with pressure washing power or trickling out of the sprinkler head with no force. In either case, the culprit is probably the piping either encountering tree roots or other firm underground debris. Our team will be able to understand and solve an issue of this nature without unnecessary damage to your soil and landscape.

The budget not Adding Up

Irrigation systems save your property money, every time. This is because almost every commercial property overwaters. Too much water into your turf, and unnecessary water hitting areas that don’t even need it, like sidewalks and streets. An irrigation system uses only what is necessary on top of natural rainfall, and coverage can be set to only the areas that need it. If a bill comes in that is strikingly high, something might be up with your system keeping it from optimizing your irrigation properly. It is better to fix a small irrigation repair before it becomes a larger problem.

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