What do we all know about winter in Washington DC? Snowfall is a given, and it can greatly impact one of the busiest metropolitan areas in the world. Shutting down businesses, schools, and roads, winter storms can come out of nowhere and put your property out of commission. This means valuable revenue is lost while your property is out of operation, and the sooner you get it back up and running, the better. Just one of the reasons why snow removal services are important: you cannot be left behind. Rather than trying to get out there on your own with a blower or shovel, utilizing commercial snow removal services provided by ERG is better for everyone involved. Here are just a few of the reasons why these snow removal services are so important.

Snow Removal Truck

Safety First: Mitigating Risk and Liability

Having been around the block once or twice, we know what it takes to perform good work in a safe manner. No landscaping or snow removal efforts are worth it if safety is not prioritized, and the same can be said for the use of your property. If snow and ice are not cleared quickly, people will begin to use the property for better or worse. This could be an office park where people need to work or an apartment complex where your tenants live. The sooner you are able to get snow and ice removed, the sooner your tenants can use the property safely. Something as simple as a slip and fall, or a decayed tree branch caving under the weight of the snow can cause damage to people and their property. In any case, our team at ERG will get out to your property at the crack of dawn and clear it out before all your competitors have even awoken.

Increase Revenue with Longer Hours of Operation

Another aspect of getting your property back up and running quickly is that the longer it takes, the more money you are losing. Most commercial properties are some form of business and exist to drive revenue for the owner. If this is a retail property, customers cannot come in and buy products or services from you if your parking lot and sidewalks are covered. The same can be said for a medical facility or manufacturing facility. Even tenant-style properties such as apartment complexes and office parks may lose out on resigned leases if said tenants do not feel cared for. The sooner you get back up and running, the better for your bottom line.

Peace of Mind is Priceless: Speed and Quality of Work

Rather than getting up the day after a winter storm stressed out about getting your property cleared, you can sleep in and wait for the call from ERG letting you know your property is taken care of. With our teams on standby 24/7 for a winter storm and commercial-grade equipment, we can get the job done well and faster than any individual. Our snowplows and salt dispensers will remove snow and melt ice faster than you’d believe, and your neighbors are sure to be jealous, asking how you got your snow removed so well, so fast.

If you want your outdoor living experience to go well beyond the ordinary without even leaving your yard, we’re the landscape firm that can take you there. Environmental Resources Group has provided world-class commercial landscaping and grounds maintenance services for many businesses and institutions in the D.C. Metro Area. Check out our website or give us a call today at (301) 570-3070.