This month we realized we spend an exorbitant amount of time talking about our landscape management and snow removal services, but ignore one of the most beneficial services that we offer. Commercial property management is not easy, and there are always a million problems to be concerned with. At least in our minds, our goal is to make these jobs easier for the property manager and to take care of as many problems as possible. Property management cares deeply about the bottom line, and we know you are always looking to save money to increase profits. One great way to do this is by cutting down on your energy bill. ERG provides energy management services, and here are the benefits.

The Benefits of Energy Management Services

Systematically Understand Spending

The biggest benefit of energy management happens before any work is performed. When you work with us, and we would hope for other companies as well, we give you a detailed proposal. This proposal outlines all the ways in which you currently spend money on energy, and how those numbers can be reduced in a green manner. We will walk through your property and catalog all lighting fixtures, providing you with current costs and proposed replacement costs. It will also detail how long a proposed replacement would take to pay for itself, and the long-term benefits of doing so. Even if you choose not to pursue our services, you have this offering at your disposal for the future.

Decrease Waste, Increase Sustainability

We know that the first thing on your mind is money and that the bottom line is everything. However, it is nice to know that when you make changes to save on energy with more efficient options, your actions benefit more than just you. Our world currently has an energy usage problem, and we use it in massive excess. Switching out some light fixtures to drive down consumption means that there is more, cheaper energy to go around. You can feel like you are doing your part to save the Earth.

Save Money with LED over Fluorescent

Most data and studies show that LED lights use roughly 50 percent less energy than their fluorescent counterparts. If you manage a large commercial facility, you would be awestruck at how many lights there are across the property, and how many of them are fluorescent. Quality stays the same as the light levels from LED lights we install are always on par with the ones they replace, so you don’t lose any light, but save tremendously on your energy bill. Sure, the savings might not seem insane at face value, but think long-term and you will see the math make sense.

Garner Benefits Indoors and Out

Many commercial properties have large indoors, but also possess big outdoor parking lots or parking garages. This is where a ton of energy consumption takes place and is an area often overlooked by management. Some of the biggest savings take place outdoors, as you replace those “always on” parking lot lights.

If you want your outdoor living experience to go well beyond the ordinary without even leaving your yard, we’re the landscape firm that can take you there. Environmental Resources Group has provided world-class commercial landscaping and grounds maintenance services for many businesses and institutions in the D.C. Metro Area. Give us a call today at (301) 570-3070.