There is no doubt that the maintenance of a commercial property is an expensive endeavor. Everything from the interior to the utilities, to the landscape. The latter is our specialty, and we are well aware of how intimidating the costs of commercial landscape maintenance can be. It requires the combination of many different services including lawn care, landscape enhancements, and irrigation to keep the property tailored yet exciting. Lawn care is one of the most important of these services, as the quality of your turf is the first impression of your property. It is our goal to provide our customers with top-notch service at a reasonable price point, so we are going to give you a few tips on how to make lawn care affordable.

Lawn Care

Utilize a Full-Service Commercial Landscaping Company

Yes, lawn care is the topic of today, but it must be acknowledged that there are other landscaping services that your property will require. The best way to save money is to have these services all wrapped together, ideally ending up with a cost lower than if you paid for them all separately. This can only be achieved by working with a commercial landscaper like ERG that provides every service you need. For example, we offer home improvement, landscaping, snow removal, tree removal, irrigation, and even lighting. That way when you sit down with your account manager you can talk through a year worth of costs on all the services you need, rather than trying to juggle multiple vendors and bids at the same time.

Irrigation System Saves Time and Money

When it comes to affordable lawn care specifically, your turf needs nutrients. While this could come in the form of fertilizer and sunlight, water is vital. The way you distribute this moisture is usually the biggest determinant of your water bill. Hand watering is inefficient, and there is no way to know how soaked your soil is getting. An irrigation system relies on real-time weather data and automation to make sure that you are using the optimal amount of water. Over time they drastically drop your water bill, as overwatering is a notorious issue for commercial properties. Plus, you can spend that extra time elsewhere investing in your property.

Avoid Potential Issues with Preventive Control Options

Doing as much as you can to invest in the health of your lawn, there are still lawn predators looking to do the opposite. Lawn diseases, pests, and grassy weeds are always lurking, waiting for the right opportunity to strike. They can be devastating to your lawn resulting in a need for rehabilitation or complete replacement if left unchecked. Your best bet is to have your landscaper perform some preventative maintenance, applying pre-emergent controls. These will keep predators out, but you also need to stay on top of routine inspections. The best way to save money is to catch issues early and minimize the cost of a solution.

If you want your outdoor living experience to go well beyond the ordinary without even leaving your yard, we’re the landscape firm that can take you there. Environmental Resources Group has provided world-class commercial landscaping and grounds maintenance services for many businesses and institutions in the D.C. Metro Area. Visit our website or give us a call today at (301) 570-3070.