The purpose of landscaping is both aesthetic and functional. Your goal is to create a property that is both attractive to the passerby and usable by guests and visitors. Different types of commercial properties can have different specifications under this umbrella but rarely does the purpose stray from this. This means that most property managers are looking to add purely aesthetic pieces like flowers and decorative rock but also primarily functional pieces like retaining walls or irrigation systems. Oftentimes, these two categories crossover, with one of the most prominent examples being landscape lighting. Used to both light your landscape and illuminate your investment, but also to keep your guests safe. In this blog, we will discuss how you can come up with the right landscape lighting design for your property.

landscape lighting design

Purpose: Commercial Property Type

The first thing to consider when thinking about lighting is the goal of your property. For example, an apartment complex may want to add lighting to a common area allowing for an added amenity as residents can use the area late at night. Conversely, an industrial facility might add lighting to deter trespassers or potential criminals. Determining the need for your property based on the type and personal experience will immediately narrow down your options to those best suited for you.

Paths and Walkways

One universal quality of every commercial property is that there are going to be paths connecting the various areas of the property. These walkways might not be well lit, and you can improve this by adding lighting right along them. This dually improves both the aesthetics of the property, while also keeping people safe as they traverse your landscape. Lighting is proven to deter crime and decrease the potential for slips and falls. Walkway lighting should be considered in any landscape.

Lighting Common Areas

Another consideration for a commercial property is lighting common areas. This could be a patio, patch of grass, or communal garden. These are the areas where people congregate and spend time together. Lighting fixtures in these areas will serve the most people, thus adding the most benefit. It will also be viewed as an amenity by all. Most commercial properties possess some type of common area. Easy examples include medical facilities, office parks, and retail centers. Lighting can be strung up, or flood lighting to illuminate a large area.

Highlighting the Best Features of your Property

Back to the purpose of landscaping drawing attention to your property, you should make sure to light the best parts of your property. If this is a magical garden full of beautiful plants, or a community pool with a paver patio and garden bed adjacent, just light it! Landscape lighting enables the investment that is your landscape to be appreciated for longer, driving more people to your property, and increasing property value while you are at it. Maximize the amenities you already have, rather than lighting an area that goes unused.

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