When it comes to commercial landscape management, you typically think of plants and turf. Those green spaces that add color and draw attention to the property when illuminated by the bright light of the sun. But what happens when the sun goes down? Your property may very well still be in use, especially if it is like the properties of our many clients. Office parks will surely have cleaning staff and workers active during the nighttime, and an apartment complex is always lived in. These individuals need to be able to see, and it would be even better if they could continue to appreciate the landscaping during these dark hours. With the darkest time of year upon us, here are 4 popular landscape lighting ideas.

Lined Walkway Lighting

Although we mentioned the desire for landscape lighting to highlight the landscape, the real need on the property is for people to be able to use it safely at night. The best way to accomplish this is by lining walkways with small LED lights. This has become increasingly popular, and you will see it all over the place. It prevents slips and falls, which keeps you from dealing with the liability or litigation of potential injury. These lights also provide some low lighting for adjacent flower beds, or plants lining the walkways.

4 Popular Landscape Lighting Ideas

Cafe Lighting for Common Areas

Also known as string lights, these overhead lights are strung up on top of a patio or common area on the property. These are purely for aesthetic purposes and should light up an area that can be used by tenants at night. Maybe this area has seating and places to eat, accented with beautiful flowers and vines climbing up the side of the building. Or, these lights hang overtop of a dedicated green space, keeping the walkways between the plant material well lit. Whatever area these lights are hung at is sure to feel safe and sound.

Architectural Lighting to Highlight Structure

Some of the most popular lighting as of late that also happens to be our favorite is up and downlighting. This is lighting that is installed either above or below your building, aimed across the face of the building to highlight the architectural beauty. It will also secondarily light up the area around the building, giving you the holistic benefits of light everywhere. People will feel safer on your property, and the landscape will reap the benefits of being seen through the night. This is sure to raise curb appeal, and property values.

Lighting Within Plant Installations

Another popular way in which landscape lighting has been taken over is installation within plant beds. Actually installing lighting within the midst of plants, trees, or shrubs, the light gives off aesthetic shadows and makes the area feel romantic in nature. This might not be best for an industrial facility, but if you are looking to give your tenants something to boast about, it is a great option. Last but not least, do not forget to add lighting for the holidays, as we would love to help you apply these 4 popular landscape lighting ideas to your landscape.

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